Professional Scrum with User Experience

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The Professional Scrum with User Experience (PSU) course is a 2-day hands-on class which will teach students with Scrum experience how to incorporate modern UX practices (UX is more than UI) to effectively work with Scrum Teams.

Students will learn about the facets that are critical to the growth of successful Scrum Masters, including how the Scrum principles and values guide them in making decisions and how they can assist in changing Scrum Teams’ environment, thereby providing conditions so that agility will thrive. Students will also dive into other practices and skills that will help them acquire the appropriate types of conversations and use them to become more effective Scrum Masters. At times design work can seem slow and inappropriate for quick agile cadences and Scrum events, but that is untrue. Master UX strategies that beautifully suits Scrum and apply these strategies with cross-functional teams during the course.

For 2 days, students will study effective UX techniques in Scrum Teams. Also, you will acquire practical tools and practices so that you can work most effectively with customers and use their feedback to create higher value in the customers’ eyes with Scrum Teams without changing Scrum.

This course is designed for those who work with a product team (engineers, product managers, etc.): technology teams function better when they collaborate across disciplines and specialties. But various priorities, work types, and the specific work rhythms of each discipline could result in silos in teams and organizations. Know how to apply the Scrum framework and UX strategies to align your team, focus on value, and encourage collaboration.
Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and individuals who help deliver the product (engineers, product managers, etc.), since technology teams function more effectively when they collaborate across disciplines and specialties. People who understand UX will be able to work more effectively in Scrum, handling work in Sprints and visualizing it in the Product Backlog.

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